Nutmania recommends that all our products once purchased are jarred into glass, recycled
household jars. Ensure that they are cleaned properly and odourless from previous
products. Glass jars protect and increase the shelf life of the products we supply. ALL FOOD
products should be stored in cool areas below 21deg.

Our products can also be refrigerated but not frozen.
Never leave the product exposed and opened, as they will easily get infested with the
general household small brown moth found in all homes, that easily infests all dried food
products. In this way we can ensure the integrity of the product we purchase for as long as
possible, avoid and reduce the usage of harmful chemicals used to fumigate products we
consume such as radiation, magnesium phosphide etc. These chemicals have been found to
be harmful to humans and animals and washing products is always recommended as these
chemicals that coat the products are mostly hydroscopic and wash away easily. We at
Nutmania source products with the lowest possible chemical additions, hence always do
your part in preserving your food stocks.

Prevalent in all our kitchens and homes are small brown moths which are very virulent in
easily infesting our dried food products. Therefore caution must always be taken to have
clean surfaces and closed packaging of products once used. Clean any food dust particles in
pantry cupboards corners, surfaces etc as food crumbs are good for these moths to multiply.

Products left open, even for short periods, easily results in infestations occurring whereby you
find your jarred product or packet with webs and worms. This means that while using your
product this moth did its duty to propagate its species with your food. Therefore always
seal properly all products once used, immediately.

When temperatures are high and humid, where air conditioning units are not always
operating, this too will contribute to food product spoiling quicker and reducing their best
before dates.
We are living in times that we want to naturally preserve and extend our food products without
all the harsh chemicals that we cannot see, but makes the products always look good! We
all have to play our role in ensuring our food sources remain healthy and nutritive for all
our well being.


Our mission is to supply quality food products to consumers via selected retailers and other supply chains, at the best possible prices.

We are careful to ensure there’s a year-round supply of the freshest products, but seasonal conditions, lower production yields, price fluctuations and higher consumption periods sometimes outweigh supply. However, we do everything in our power to ensure prices remain constant, reasonable and/or stable as far as possible.

We package Mother Nature’s essential fuel so you see the whole product, and our full range is displayed on this site. But if you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for here, please email us on sales@nutmania.co.za.


A nut is a fruit comprising an inedible hard shell and a seed on the inside, which is sometimes edible. A wide variety of dried seeds are called nuts, but in botany “nut” means that the shell does not open to release the seed.

Seeds come from fruits that naturally free themselves from their shells, and originate from the compound ovary of the plant. Many nuts in the culinary world, such as almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and brazil nuts, which have hard shell walls, are not nuts in botany.

Therefore the common usage of the term, ‘nut’, often refers to any hard-walled, edible kernel.

See our FACTS page for the nutritional value of nuts.


Seeds supply your daily essential fatty acids (EFA) in their best raw form. Full of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, minerals and essential vitamins, packed with fibre, protein and phytosterols (cholesterol lowering compound), seeds are one of the highest plant sources of iron and zinc you can add to your diet.

Not only do seeds make your regular salad or bread more appetising, but just two tablespoon-sized servings will add great nutritional punch to your diet. In winter, they’re great in soups and they add extra protein to fruit or vegetable juices and smoothies.

Look out for our Salad Sprinkle and Seed Mix, and get creative with your cooking and diet.

If you need more inspiration, see the section on the best way to eat seeds, on our FACTS page.

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Dried fruit is the healthiest alternative to refined sugar and an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. Famous for its sweet taste, nutritive value and long shelf life, dried fruit is a must on your shopping list. It makes a great snack for the kids and sweet little surprise in your lunch box.

Dried fruit is fruit with the majority of its original water content removed, either naturally through sun drying or by the use of specialised dryers or dehydrators. Some of the bitter varieties may have added sugar to sweeten and preserve them. Please read the product label ingredients to make an informed decision.

Dried fruit usually has more calories and natural sugars per serving due to the dehydration process: for instance, one cup of grapes with the water removed will leave you with a quarter cup of raisins. All the nutrients are still there, and as long as a reasonable portion is consumed, you’ll get the equivalent serving of the fresh fruit.

Nutmania’s dried fruits are sourced mainly locally from the coastal and warmer regions of South Africa.

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Nutmania supplies a variety of snacks that originate from a variety of global cultures, some of which are healthier alternatives to your usual snack options.


A traditional Indian crunchy snack eaten as part of a meal or as a stand-alone snack. Ours consists of a mix of peanuts, sometimes tree nuts, chickpea-flour noodles, corn, flaked rice, chickpeas, vegetable oil and flavourings such as salt and a blend of spices.

Wasabi Peas & Peanuts

Peas or peanuts are roasted or fried, then coated with a wasabi type powder mixed with sugar, oil and salt. Wasabi (otherwise known as Japanese horseradish) has a similar flavour to hot mustard.

Japanese Rice Crackers

Traditionally known as Sembei, these slightly sweet, salty and crunchy crackers are made from rice flour, and usually baked or grilled, which make this snack a healthy alternative. This is a great snack on the go, and will brighten up your snack table.

Corn Nibs/Mielies

This very popular South African snack has a distinct taste and texture, with relatively low fat content and high dietary fibre. Although they are fried (a specialised process) they contain approximately 60% less fat than other similar snacks and are tartrazine free! This snack is available in a variety of flavours: Chutney, Salt & Vinegar, Barbeque, Tomato, Peri Peri (chilli, but not too hot!) and our mixture called Yebo Mix.

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Check out Nutmania’s variety of delicious mixes perfect for snacking. We have created in-house quality mixes of seeds, nuts and fruits, ranging from a mix of your essential daily seeds, to your favourite nuts.

There’s a range to suit every palate – Deluxe, Fitness, Jungle, Hawaiian, Snack, and Tropical.

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Life would be boring without the occasional indulgence. So we’ve added a bit of naughtiness to our healthy bag of offerings. Sorry! Mostly locally sourced and produced to a high standard, our superior quality sweet treats range from chocolate and caramel covered nuts, juicy gums and jellies to your all-time candy favourites.

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Visit our wholesale factory shop in Selby, near the Johannesburg CBD.

At our factory shop, you can buy the majority of our range in 1kg bags, directly off the shelf. For bulk orders and those of 5kg or greater, please see our PRICES & SUPPLY section.

Our factory shop supplies products directly to the public and small businesses seeking bulk prices on smaller volumes, and offers substantial savings. However, these prices and offerings only apply to those who physically visit the store: No prices or quotes will be provided telephonically.

Products are available in 1kg packets with some 500g packets available for selected products. There are also 12 x 100-150g packets available for our fast line products. No special packaging sizes will be provided.

The factory shop is in a secure, boomed complex with demarcated parking and signage.

See here for our factory shop location.

OPENING TIMES: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm (closed on public holidays)

Cash and card facilities available.






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